Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 Outback Open Art Prize submission

"Your roof is bewhiskered, your floor is a-slant, Your walls seem to sag and to swing; I'm trying to find just your faults, but I can't -- You poor, tired, heart-broken old thing! I've seen when you've been the best friend that I had, Your light like a gem on the snow; You're sort of a part of me --
Gee! but I'm sad; I hate, little cabin, to go."
excerpt from 'Good-Bye, Little Cabin', Robert William Service (1874 – 1958)

Yesterday I submitted an entry to the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery for their 2010 Outback Open Art Prize. Entries close today. We find out on 2nd of July whether or not we have been short-listed. If I am fortunate enough to be chosen, artworks will need to be delivered to the gallery by the 16th of July, with judging and opening night for the exhibition happening on July 23rd. The exhibition will then run until 5 September.

It would be such a huge buzz to win. There is an acquisitive first prize of $15,000 - which means the winner's submission will be retained by the gallery as part of their permanent collection. Second prize is $2,500 and there is an encouragement award of $800 for third.

I felt that one of the images from the 'Shack' series that I created last November might fit the 'Australian Outback' theme of the competition. It was a close toss up between 'Shack #3' and 'Shack #10' - but after a conversation with Michael Silver from New North Gallery, I decided to submit a 16"x24" fine art canvas of 'Shack #10'.

Entries close at 5:00pm today. The form, cv, statement, and high res jpg are in. Entry fee paid. Now, all I can do is wait.

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