Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bellarine #11 + Bronte's Ball & Charity Auction - Geelong

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose." ~Robert Byrne

A little while ago, I was approached by one of the organisers of a charity event that is happening in Geelong in October - Bronte's Ball. They wanted to know if I would be interested in donating an artwork to the auction that was being held in conjunction with the ball. The inaugural event was held in 2009, and was organised by Bronte's mother, Natalie Russell. After discovering that her own young daughter had cancer, and the subsequent heart wrenching personal journey that this discovery took her and her family on, lead her to decide that she wanted to give something back. Her desire to help others in the local area who were going through the same experience with their own children lead to the very first Bronte's Ball and charity auction being held last year.

My understanding is that that event raised an amazing $33,000 for the oncology department within the children's ward at the Geelong Hospital - after having sold some 200 tickets. Local businesses got on board and it was a great success. This year, they are aiming even higher. The ball and the charity auction are being held on October 2nd. So far, I believe they have sold some 300 tickets - and are hoping to sell 500.

This cause is a deeply personal one for me, with the heartbreaking loss of my own younger brother, Mark, to cancer last December. My own family and I know only too well the pain this insidious disease causes. And of course, it went without saying that I was going to agree.

I've sent them a gorgeous signed, original 16"x10" archival quality, giclee fine art canvas of one of the images from my 'Bellarine' series - 'Bellarine #11'. They were keen to have art from the local area, as they felt this would attract more bidding interest. And in a further attempt to encourage bids, I have said that should bidding reach $1,000, the winning bidder will be given the opportunity to go to my website and choose another image from the same series, and I will give them a second matching 16"x10" canvas. I'm pretty sure I read something online a while back about a signed photograph donated to them last year by Lance Armstrong selling for $2,000 - so I have very high hopes!

This donation is dedicated to Mark. I'm thankful to Natalie and Lisa that I was given the opportunity to contribute, even if only in some small way. And of course, I have to thank the wonderful Kate Rosenhain of Pack & Send in Coburg, who, upon finding out that the artwork for a charity event, very kindly donated the packing and shipping to Ocean Grove. A heartfelt thank you to Kate. It is sincerely appreciated.

Hopefully, everyone will dig deep. And from the outcome of last years' event, I'm very sure they will.


  1. I see that the date has passed, I hope it was a huge success. Did your photograph bring in over $1000?
    Peace, Judi

  2. Hi Judi, no unfortunately, it didn't go anywhere near the mark, which was a little disappointing. I really, really hoped that it would. Still, the amazingly good news is that they raised some $60,000 from the whole event this year - well up from last years' total of $33,000. The organisers would have to be incredibly happy about that. I've committed to donate again next year.