Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kelly & Thomas - forever together

My beautiful sister married her prince charming, Thomas, in a romantic and intimate ceremony on this day 3 years ago...

Fire & Earth

I danced with her amid the crowd and the clamour.
A lithe and lovely being of calm and thrill.
I sense her still.
Touching my hand, stirring a spirit of a life untended,
Fanning embers of passions splendid.
Live as fire and intuitively perceiving,
The kindling of feelings, exquisite and unyielding.

Shock waves pulsed between us.
Was this fantasy? Was this deception?
Surely I am mistaken.
Yet each touch, each glance into those amber coals,
Quickens the course of this elixir through me,
Shredding my invulnerability.

I am spun in a whirl of love,
Unknown and unimagined.
She is radiant and veiled,
Spirited but forlorn.
I sense her mystery and I am drawn.

Is there a plan in this?
Two people whose orbs should not have touched,
Into a searing dance of life are together thrust.
Lost in a maelstrom of love and possession,
We dream and build a magnificent obsession.

© Thomas Hardy
14 September, 2007

I wish that I could say it's been a fairytale ride for them since. But it hasn't. It's been three years of very high highs - and even lower lows. But through it all they've remained by each others' side. Cos in the end, that's what true love is all about.

Happy anniversary, guys. I don't know any two people more destined to be together than you.

All my love.

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