Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A LONG time between posts - and photoshoots...

It's been a long time between posts. And photoshoots too for that matter. Almost a year, in fact. Until a couple of weeks ago, the last time I picked up my camera and used it was in September 2010. I certainly never intended it to be that way, it just kinda happened. Somewhere along the way, everything just became very convoluted, and I ended up turning my back on it all. I simply stopped taking photos, dropped offline, took the batteries out of the camera, and for all intents and purposes, 'disappeared'. I've thought many times over the past year, that I might give up the photography altogether.

I've been quietly living and working in the suburbs for the past ten months, keeping very much to myself, losing track of family and friends along the way (and I do apologise for that). Last October, I found myself working for a hardware company. It was a most unexpected change in direction after so many years in the corporate world, working as a desktop publisher - but from the moment I interviewed with them, I just knew I was going to end up there, for a time at least. I couldn't understand why at the time, but ten months on, things are so much clearer now. Turns out, it was the very best thing that could have happened. On so many levels, and for so many reasons.

I couldn't really even begin to explain to anyone else what has been happening over the past year. It's been very much a journey inwards - a magical, spiritual, metaphysical journey - of visions and dreams (many of them prophetic, as it turns out), signs and synchronicities, dates, numbers, tarot readings - and a whole lot of learning to let go, and trusting in my intuition. And that certainly hasn't come easily. But I'm so very thankful for what the last year has given me.

Give up the photography? What on earth was I thinking?! Seriously. There's just no way I ever could. In fact, I've been busily working away on a very special project these last few weeks - my first photoshoot in almost a year. The beautiful, historic Holy Trinity Vicarage in Williamstown. But more about that in my next post tomorrow.

I've never done much by way of promoting my blog (even before I went AWOL), so I don't actually expect anyone will even be reading this, but, if anyone that I happen to know does actually find themselves reading it, and you haven't heard from me in a long time... sorry guys. :(