Saturday, October 29, 2011

'The Vicarage' series - 2012 Calendars

I've been very busy over the last couple of weeks, with an old friend visiting for a few days, working on setting up new website shops, starting to overhaul old ones, and working on designs for the 'Vicarage' series calendars. Still so much to do, but I'm loving the creative process again. It seems stepping away from the photography for such a long time has turned out to be a very positive thing. I'm reinspired and right back in the swing of things.

I love designing calendars! It's a heap of fun. The design of the calendar above is one that I did a number of years ago, way back when I was working in a digital printroom, within one of Melbourne' universities. I never really did anything with it then. It's been gathering dust in my mac's archives ever since. Thought it might be time to dust it off, tweak it a little, and make good use of it. I'm so very thankful for all the years I have had working as a desktop publisher. It gave me skills and knowledge I will always be grateful for. As a photographer, it comes in incredibly handy. (Lulu and Redbubble, of course, own the designs for the dates part of the calendars.)

Big, beautiful, high quality 2012 'Vicarage' Calendars now available for purchase via Lulu and Redbubble. Other calendars to come soon.

I've set up a separate gallery on my website to display all of the months much larger than they can be viewed on Redbubble (which unfortunately doesn't allow large previews on calendars for some reason).

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