Friday, November 11, 2011


Seems the whole 11.11.11 thing is causing quite a stir around the world. And I couldn't possible let a date like this pass without marking it in some small, but personally significant way. So here it is...

Boots. Hiking boots in fact. My hiking boots. Nothing really to do with photography but nevertheless. We've been together more years than I can possibly count. We've traveled a lot miles and seen a lot of things during our years together. I've loved these boots. It would be more than fair to say that they have been my very favourite footwear for many a year.

But a few months ago, the sole busted in one of them. I got it fixed. It busted again. I was devastated when the boot repairer told me it was beyond repair this time. The other one is still in near perfect condition - even after all these years of use. But sadly, one boot isn't going to do me much good. Without the other, it's useless.

It got me thinking. I began to see it as a metaphor more than anything else. I didn't want the boot repairer to tell me that my boot was beyond saving. That would mean that I would have to let go of something that was near and dear to me (yes, I know how silly that sounds!), something that had been a part of my life for longer than many of the people I know. Something that was a part of me.

Well, I guess I don't do 'letting go' very well, because that was a few months ago - and they're still sitting in my laundry! I've been hoping the magic boot fairies might come in the night and do a quickie repair job for me. But that isn't going to happen. And sometimes, we just have to let go of our attachments to things. No matter how special the memories they might hold for us. I had these boots way back when I was still with my beautiful English boyfriend, Simon. We parted ways many years ago. They will always have an association with that part of my life.

But holding on to old 'stuff' means new 'stuff' can't come in. Old energies need to be let go of and space needs to be cleared before anything new can arrive in our lives. And that's what these boots represent to me. Duality. One in perfect condition, the other, beyond repair. Wanting to hold onto that past part of my life, but needing to let go and allow new energies in. I've always struggled with that part - the letting go.

Thank you old boots. You've taught me a valuable life lesson. Now it's time to say goodbye.

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