Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New website (old links lost)

I've just redirected my domain name to a brand new website I have been tinkering with over the past couple of weeks, and now all of the links to my old site have been broken (it's still up and running, for now, but I should think I'll close it down soon). Knew that was going to happen. Bit of a pain to have to now go through and fix them all, but well worth the effort of making the move. I am loving my new home at Zenfolio! It's an awesome site, and so easy to customise. They have some really fantastic features, and I'd wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who is considering making the move. Only wish I'd done it much sooner.

I'm on the homestretch now and very keen to get all of the galleries across to the new site, and have it up and running properly as soon as possible. :)

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