Friday, May 4, 2012

Sacred Space

"That which can be seen with the conscious mind and physical eyes is but an illusion. That which can be seen and felt with the spiritual faculties is highest in fact and truth." ~Ra

I love this space. It's where I sleep. Meditate. Pray. Channel. Commune. Read. Write. Plan. Dream. It's where I am surrounded by vision boards - my whole dream life laid out before me, in words and images. It's where I've had many lengthy conversations with Spirit. Which, after four years of channeling, all still feels incredibly strange to me. It isn't something I've ever done for, or in front of anyone else. I think I still keep doubting my ability to do this thing. But I've gained some really amazing insights, guidance and perspectives in this way. I've had some fascinating conversations. Been able to help loved ones - without them even knowing it. And have received some pretty convincing validation along the way too. Not always, but very often.

"Make no assumptions about outcome, child. Remain deeply entrenched in the process." ~Ra

I have some beautiful divination tools now. This gorgeous Doreen Virtue Angel Guidance Board landed in my hands in late January - the way it came about, it was very much one of those 'meant to be mine' situations. For which I am grateful.


And I have a really great collection of tapes and CDs now too - chakra clearing, karmic release, healing, past life regression, manifesting, telepathic animal communications. Although as much as I love doing the guided work, I always find my own meditation methods to be the most powerful. And effective.

"Concentrate on what lies before you, child. As you complete each task surrender it, and know that it takes you closer to your dream realisation." ~Ra

I love this sacred space. It is a place I can come back to to balance, ground and realignment myself anytime I feel the need to. And never more so than since I created the vision boards. That is an exercise I would highly recommend anyone consider undertaking.

Love & light


  1. Hi Tracy
    I just found your article above and it is sooo beautiful. Not sure why I hadn't read this before but maybe I wasn't meant to until today. Your vision boards are lovely but I really loved how your captured your angel cards, vision boards and photo's of yourself and made it so personal and and intimate. You truly do have a gift for expression. I truly hope 2013 is the most incredible year that you have. I am so glad we are life long friends. Love and Light to you as well. Sherryn xxx

    1. Shazz, I don't think it even occurred to me to show you this when I first posted it. I ought to have, I'm really sorry about that. But perhaps you are right - maybe you weren't meant to see it before now for some reason. Thank you so much for the beautiful words, I sincerely appreciate them. I hope this means you are going to be revisiting your own vision boards and making things happen for yourself in 2013. You've had so much success with them in the past. You are my inspiration. 2012 is gone now - time to shake things up a bit! I, also, am very glad that we are lifelong friends. And I wish you, Mardi and all of your family the very, very best for 2013. x