Wednesday, December 12, 2012


So much is being made of the dates 12.12.12 & 21.12.12 by so many around the world right now. It's been building for a very long time. And now it has finally arrived. But what do these dates really mean? And is something unexpected and unforeseen about to happen? Certainly, a lot of people are expecting it to. These dates mean so many different things to so many different people. Everything from outright fear and hysteria, to profound spiritual awakening.

I'm not the fount of all knowledge, I don't know what these dates really mean, or, if they actually mean anything at all, in terms of the 'big picture'. I only know that today is a very significant date in my own personal world, for a number of very significant reasons. Life has conspired over the past 12 years to make it so. Dates and numbers, and those invisible threads that connect and tie all of the events of our lives together. But I've already written about that in my more recent posts. In my own very personal world, today is a particularly special day. And I just wanted to acknowledge that it is so.

Love & light

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