Saturday, December 8, 2012

2013 Calendars - The Vicarage

Ok... so I've clearly left my run a wee bit late, but nevertheless, here are the first of my 2013 Calendars. I decided to tweak the calendars I designed and created for 'The Vicarage' series last year slightly, and use them again for 2013 - I figured I put way too much time and work into them to only use them once. :) All profits to the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Williamstown.

I have listed them on Lulu (these are definitely my favourites), and there are two slightly different versions which have been listed on Redbubble.

The large format version:

And the standard size version (A3 folded to A4), wiro bound:

The complete Lulu calendars (I particularly love their versions) can be viewed extra large on my website... here.

More to come.

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