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Mack - Soul Transition, Signs, Synchronicities, Mediumship. And Reincarination.

"As we live through thousands of dreams in our present life, so is our present life only one of many thousands of such lives which we enter from the other more real life and then return after death. Our life is but one of the dreams of that more real life, and so it is endlessly, until the very last one, the very real the life of God." ~Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)

In the early hours of Friday, 2 November 2012, my beloved little soul companion, Mack, left my side and transitioned back to Spirit. Words can’t describe how devastated I felt in that moment. My heart shattered into a thousand pieces, and my world as I had known it for 13+ years fell apart. He’s been my one constant companion, my best friend, my rock, my confidant, the centre of my universe, my bestest little buddy, my everything for so many years. Then suddenly he wasn’t there any more. And my heart was broken.

Mack’s parting was made all the more painful because of the circumstances around it. The last few months have been without question the most emotionally and spiritually challenging I’ve ever experienced. I lost count of how many times our vet has seen me in tears in his consulting room. Every time I find myself looking back, my heart breaks all over again. So many signs. So many regrets. So many better, higher choices I could have made, but failed to. Had I listened to what he was trying to tell me, show me - really listened, then maybe the outcome would have been a very different one. Mack has been my greatest teacher. And I shall be eternally in his debt.

My little buddy and I have been a on a very intense spiritual journey together. And although I am grieving for his physical presence, and filled with deep regret over all the things I could and should have done better, I absolutely know that our journey together is far from being over. On the very day that he transitioned, I received the first of many clear signs that he would be returning to us. Reincarnating. And that it would be soon. Since that day, I have received many signs and had many very special synchronistic moments. Some very subtle, others very ‘in-your-face’ and impossible to ignore. I absolutely know that he really is coming back.

As far back as late July/early August, I instinctively knew that should Mack choose to transition (for there were several occasions then where I thought he would choose to leave), the date of his doing so would be significant and meaningful. It would not be random. I’ve written a couple of posts recently on my blog about the hidden significance of dates and numbers - especially 4-44-444. And sure enough, 2.11.12 was clearly chosen for a reason. There is a very clear connection between this date and a number of other dates of personal significance - going back to March this year, and the vision boards I created at that time. And it just happens to be 40 days until 12.12.12 - which is exactly 4 years to the day since I left my job within the print room of one of Melbourne’s universities - 12.12.08. That particular job had very special significance for me. 12.12.12 is meaningful for a couple of other reasons too - it is twelve years to the day since this happened on 12.12.00. And three years to the day since my brothers’s funeral on 12.12.09. Mark transitioned 4 days before - on 08.12.09. There was nothing coincidental about the date of Mack’s transition. Dates. Numbers. Signs. Synchronicities. Those invisibile threads that connect all of the happenings and events in our lives, tying everything together. Everything is connected to everything else. Nothing is ever as ‘random’ it appears to be on the surface. You just have to look a little deeper to realise it.

"I am certain that I have been here as I am now a thousand times before, and I hope to return a thousand times." ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

During Mack’s illness I had several phone consultations with the gifted, highly dedicated and widely respected Sydney-based animal communicator, Trisha McCagh. Trisha helped me to see and to understand more clearly, exactly why Mack had taken on the illness that he did. And it was a choice on his part. Animals will take on our issues and energies and reflect our inner most truths back to us - for better or worse. They can be our greatest guides and teachers, if we are open to such possibilities. Trisha has a number of radio recordings on her website, two in particular are well worth a listen - an interview she did with Radio Out There International (Parts 1 & 2). I would highly recommend listening to it.

The subject of animal reincarnation is not new to me, and I do realise how some who find themselves reading this might struggle with the concept. It isn’t my intention to offend anyone’s belief systems. Nor do I ask anyone to believe anything of what I am saying. Skepticism is healthy, as long as it is open-minded skepticism. If you simply close your mind off to the possibility that maybe, just maybe there really is more to it, you could be closing yourself off to the best and most joyous parts of life. As my own wonderful and ever supportive spirit friends keep reminding me, “What can be seen with the conscious mind and physical eyes is but an illusion. That which can be seen and felt with the spiritual faculties is highest in fact and truth.”

I first experienced animal reincarnation in 2004, when our beloved little Mitzy (Mack’s sister) transitioned on 29 May of that year. At the time I was consulting with two Melbourne-based communicators. One told me that Mitz was planning to come back as a Sheltie puppy, and that I should watch out for the signs - that it would have something to do with water. A few months later we were led to a breeder in Patterson Lakes. When I first went to see them I explained the situation (they said little, but no doubt they would have thought me crazy - I probably would have if I were them, and didn’t know what I know now). Nonetheless, there were four pups (as I remember), and when I first saw them they were so young they hadn’t even opened their eyes yet. They asked me which one I thought it was, and I chose one - I wasn't sure why I chose the one I did, but I felt I was probably just guessing. When it was time to collect the pup, I arranged for the animal communicator to meet me there. She arrived 15 mins or so before I did. The owners didn’t tell her which pup I had picked out. But she chose the same one. And when I arrived, the pups were running around in the yard. The moment I walked in, the very same pup ran straight up to me. And I knew.

We quickly realised, however, that a Sheltie puppy was not going to fit easily into our lifestyle, and after a short while, Muskett went to live in a new home with someone looking for a companion for their female Shelty. I let Mitz know that I was going to get another Maltese and that if she wanted to come back to us, this was how she could. When Hattie arrived in our lives a month or two later, I so wanted her to be Mitz, but she was a very different little soul.

"It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection." ~Voltaire (1694-1778)

I was heartbroken when she transitioned very suddenly and unexpectedly on 18 May 2010. And then, out of the blue, on the second night after she left, I received a message from Spirit - a thought that came so clearly and so forcefully into my mind, and I just knew it wasn’t my thought - the words “she’s coming back, and it’s going to happen soon”. I'd experienced this before - on two previous occasions I had this happen, and on both occasions I'd tried to ignore the messages I'd received in this way because they were things I did not want to hear. But in both cases, the information had proved to be correct, and I had very real physical validation, so I knew I wasn't imagining things. I was grieving her passing, yet at the same time, inspite of myself, I couldn’t help but feel excited. I knew. I just knew. I hadn’t imagined what I’d recieved. The message was very real. And it came from somewhere, someone else outside of me. I asked that if she really was coming back, that I be given very clear signs as to where to go and how to find her again. And sure enough, about a week and a half later I received the first signs. And I was led on a journey that took Mack & I 300 kms away to Bairnsdale, a country town to the east of Melbourne - a trip I ended up doing three times (I got the feeling she was testing me!). There were many signs and many synchcronistic happenings around that time. She’d left me in no doubt as to where to find her - she would be one of two Maltese-Shih Tzu pups from a litter that someone in Bairnsdale had. I was not working with an animal communicator at this time, and I had not been expecting her to return, and certainly not nearly so soon. So I got a huge surprise when I saw her for the very first time, and recognised instantly that not only had she come back to us, but that she had brought someone else with her - I knew immediately who the soul of the male pup was. There was just something about him. His energy was incredibly intense, and I knew straight away that it was Mitzy. They had chosen to return together - this time as a brother and sister team. And just in case I had any doubts about who they both were, they just happened to return on the anniversary of Mitzy’s passing six years before. And I had to drive past a country town called Korumburra to get to Bairnsdale. Korumburra was where Hattie came from originally. I can’t even begin to explain how incredibly special this whole experience was - regardless of how crazy it all sounds. And believe me, I am acutely aware of just how crazy it does sound. Even our vet Avinder recognised Hattie (now Tuppence), although he’d never met Mitzy. Tup has all of Hattie's personality traits. Those same quirky little things that she would do. And she's still that feisty little tomboy she was last time around. Fiercely loyal to, and protective of me. I keep saying to her "Hat, you haven't changed a bit". Last time around, she was a prim and proper show-bred dog - pure Maltese. This time, she is a scruffy little ragamuffin. But otherwise, she's still very much our beloved Hattie. And as for her brother - Barlie, I look into those beautiful, soulful eyes, and hold him in my arms, and I know exactly who he is. There are some different personality traits this time around, but there's absolutely no doubt in my mind. Or my heart. He really knows how to push all the right buttons, and he drives me totally crazy sometimes. But still, I know. Soul recognition goes beyond what can be rationally or logically explained away. It is a deep knowing - oftentimes without understanding of how it is that you know. You just do. It can happen as easily with other people as with animals. If one were to think back upon the experiences of their own lives, there would surely be situations where there has been a familiarity, an unspoken knowing in regards to certain people that have come into their lives at different times. You've only just met - so how is it that you seem to know them so well? Why do they seem so familiar? Perhaps we just don't pay enough attention to these things when they happen.

"I did not begin when I was born, nor when I was conceived. I have been growing, developing, through incalculable myriads of millenniums. All my previous selves have their voices, echoes, promptings in me. Oh, incalculable times again shall I be born." ~Jack London (1876-1916)

For the past month, my beloved little Mack too, has been giving me very clear signs that he is intending to return to our little family - in ‘like-form’, as Spirit has numerous times told me. He’s given me lots of clues and hints. I have been shown pure Bichon and pure Maltese - Mack was a Bichon/Maltese cross. My sense is it will be one of the three. He has continued communicating with me. I have felt his presence very strongly. I am aware that he is still guiding my path. He is an old and very special soul. And I love him so, so dearly. I’m so grateful for his presence, his wisdom, his teachings, his guidance. I will be forever indebted. I still grieve, but knowing that he is coming back makes the pain that much easier to bear. And I have to thank the wonderful spirit beings who have been a very - perhaps ‘forceful’ isn’t quite the right word, but nonetheless - presence in my life over the years. Even when I've stubbornly ignored their advice or guidance, they have ways of making their presence known. Like it or not. I am grateful for the ability to be able to communicate with them as I do. Mediumship is still something I feel weird about being able to do. Even after all the many, many times I have received validation of information that I have received in this way. And all the amazing communications we have had. I’ve been told numerous times in the past few weeks that tears and grief are unnecessary. They come from a state of ego consciousness. Guidance, wisdom and support from the spirit realms is gratefully appreciated. And has helped immensely.

In contemplating writing this blog post, I googled ‘animal reincarnation’, and among other things, came upon a wonderful post written by another US-based communicator - Leta Worthington. It's well worth a read if this is an area that interests you. I found it fascinating, and comforting to have confirmation once again of what I've personally experienced, and read and heard time and again from people who work in this field.

I bought a book some years ago, written by a Washington Post journalist by the name of Arthur Myers - 'Communicating with Animals: The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals'. It's an older book, but still as relevant now as it was when it was written. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand their animal companions better. Chapter 9, 'When Your Beloved Animal Dies' & Chapter 10, 'Do Animals Reincarnate?' will be of great comfort to those who have 'lost' an animal companion. Arthur interviewed a wide range of people working as professional animal communicators for this book (including Penelope Smith), and states clearly that almost all of the communicators he interviewed said exactly the same thing - that animals will reincarnate again and again throughout a lifetime to the same people. So if you happen to notice that your current companion reminds you of a previous animal that has shared your life, perhaps there is a very good reason for that.

I am so grateful to people like our wonderful vet, Avinder, Trisha McCagh, Penelope Smith and Leta Worthington. They are dedicated, hard working and gifted souls who give so much of themselves in service to our beautiful animal companions. A thousand thank yous to them all, but especially to Avinda and Trisha.

Useful links:

Avinder Pasricha - Holistic Vet
Lower Plenty Veterinary Clinic
Lower Plenty (Melbourne, Victoria)
Phone: (03) 9434 5699
[no website]

Avinder is the most wonderful vet. He has very strong spiritual beliefs, and I would not hesitate to recommend his clinic to anyone. Thoughtful, hard working, kind and gentle with animals. He is incredibly knowledgeable in the use of homeopathics and natural therapies, and has had many successes where conventional treatments have failed. He and his caring staff have done so much for us over the years that we have been going to his clinic. I have immense respect for Avinder and for the work that he does. And I am more grateful than I can say.

Trisha McCagh
Animal Communicator

Penelope Smith
Animal Communicator

Leta Worthington
Animal Communicator

Lynn Phillips
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The tears still flow, and I miss him so very, very much. But the sorrow is tempered with the knowing that our beloved litte Mack is coming back to us. When he is ready, he will give me the signs that will lead me to him. And I will absolutely know. In the meantime, there are things I need to be doing. I get that now. Finally.

Believe nothing. Go and find out for yourself. Be curious. Explore. Experience. Make up your own mind. Listen. To your own heart.

Love & light,

EDIT (22 march 13):

After I wrote this post, I came upon the work of another animal communicator by the name of Annette Betcher. I contacted Annette and asked if she would mind if I linked in to her website for a follow up blog post that I was intending on writing. Fast forward 3 months, and I haven't written that post yet (but I will), and it has only just occurred to me that in the meantime, I should also be adding a link to Annette's site here. She has written three posts in particular that I was interested in referencing - entitled 'Transitions', 'Reincarnation' & 'Reunions'. The link to Annette's website can be found HERE. A big thanks to Annette for being ok with this.

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