Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mark & Mack: Signs & Synchronicites & 444

It's the 2nd of March today. It's the time of year when I get excited, really excited - partly because it's Autumn and this for me personally is a most special time of year. From a spiritual and metaphysical perspective, significant things always seem to happen for me at this time of year. Especially in March. I love this month. And this one is significant, because I get to go to an Abraham Hicks workshop on the 24th - only found out a couple of weeks ago that Esther Hicks was going to be doing a workshop in Melbourne. Soooo excited about that.

But today also marks 4 months since my beloved little Mack transitioned, and it also happens to the day my brother, Mark, would have turned 44. I couldn't help but notice, yet again, the presence of the 'fours'. They are impossible to ignore. I've blogged about it before: here & here.

I've continued to get a very clear message from Mack that he is coming back to us (if you've read my previous post - linked to above - then you will know I'm talking about animal reincarnation). Not nearly so crazy as it sounds. For anyone wanting to explore this subject more, a good place to begin would be to check out the links I have listed on this blog under 'Talk to the Animals'. There are some wonderful communicators who are extremely talented and dedicated to their work. They have my utmost respect. Another person you might want to check out is Dr Brian Weiss (see the link to the left). Approach with an open mind. You don't have to believe anything just because someone else says it is so. But be curious enough at least to explore, and find out for yourself. Then make up your own mind.

I miss Mark and my beloved little canine buddy, Mack, so much. It's comforting to know that Mack is still communicating with me, still making his intention to return very clear. And when the time is right, I know very well, he will. I just wish that the rest of my family could know things as I do. It might not be nearly so hard on them as it has been. But it isn't something I can push. I don't really talk to them about what I do. They don't really understand. Not that I can blame them. I would probably quietly think me crazy too, if the situation were reversed.

On the 13 of February I got a late night phone call out of the blue, and was surprised to hear on the other end of the line, the voice of a woman with a strong accent. Thinking at first that it was a telemarketing company, I was ready to hang up when she went on to say that she was calling from Israel, and that she really loved my photography. She'd bought four images through a UK-based site that I had been selling through, and wanted to know if I would give her permission to purchase a fifth one - I'd canceled my agreement with this site in the meantime, so they were no longer available for purchase. There it was again - Israel (the Star of David), four images (from forty-four images that I had listed with this site), and 13th February - which just happened to be the 44th day of the year. I suspect it was one of those phone calls I was meant to get.

Numbers connect everything. They have their own language. That's certainly how I see the world, and have done for a long time. Everything is connected to everything else, through numbers. Somehow it all ties in together - Mark, Mack, the dates, the numbers. Signs and synchronicities. Impossible to ignore. Nothing is ever as it seems on the surface. And what we see and experience and know of life in our everyday circumstances, is far from all there is to know. And that is incredibly comforting. If only my family could come to know it too. Maybe then they could find the peace I wish for them.

Love & light

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